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In a competitive world, which is shrinking day by day, it is essential one employs all the resources to retain the competitiveness. Procurement is one such function, which has to cope up with not only price but also other components of cost such as delivery on time, low inventory and so on.

Perfect International is well poised for offering you this competitive advantage which it has been offering to many companies in your region. We offer our expertise in sourcing and servicing your need.

Oriented towards growth, we are always open to new challenges and opportunities.


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Our ambition is to excel against our past performance. Our goals are set based on our last year performance and the satisfaction level of our customers is the real measuring tool for us.

Since we cannot measure this absolutely, we rely on our annual turnover over the years to measure it, which is reflected as above, just for your information. Once our customer is always our customer, is the goal we set for ourselves.




Product List



Used in

Alkyl Phenolic Resin

Tackifier Rubber industry, insulation industry, adhesive industry and tyre industry.

Antimony trioxide

Flame   retardant   Rubbers, Electrical   Cables

Carboxy Methyl Cellulose

Anti dust repositant,

Rheological modifier
Detergent, Food, Cosmetics and Oil Field Drilling


Raw material Food, Phamaceutical, and Adhesives

Castor oil

Raw material Soaps, cosmetics, Lubricants, Cable Joints.

Double boiled linseed oil

Raw material Paints, Adhesives, Putty.

EO based Emulsifiers

Emulsification Textiles, Janitorial products, Leather, Metal Treatment, Cosmetics, Polymerisation wherever emulsification is required.

Ester  Gum


Hot melt adhesive, Tyres, Tubes, Food, Beverages.

Perfumes and Fragrances

Emulsifier Cosmetics, Toiletries, Air Freshners, Body Sprays etc.

Foundry resins

Binder for sand Foundries.

Gum Rosin

Tackifier Adhesives, Printing Inks

Ketonic Resins

Tackifier Printing Inks, Inks


Binder Construction

Maize Starch

Binder, Rheological modifier Adhesive, Detergent, Food

Phenolic Resins

Binder, Tackifier Rockwool, Glass wool, Plywood, Paper coating, Rubber etc.

Pigments & Dyes

Colourant Paints, Plastics, Detergents, Rubber, Cosmetics

Pine Oil

Disinfectant Toiletries

Polyamide Resins

Tackifier Printing Inks, Adhesives

Polyester Polyol

Raw material Formulation houses to manufacture Rigid foams

Reactors, Blenders, Pilot Plants

Equipments Resins, Paints, Adhesive in

Rock Phosphate

Phosphate chemicals Fertilizer Industry, Phosphoric acid, Di Calcium Phosphate

Un Saturated Polyester Resin

Binder Fiber Glass product manufacturing

Saturated Polyetser Resin

Binder For Can Coating Paint manufacture

Terpene Phenolic Resin

Tackifier Rubber, Tyre, Hot Melt Adhesives

Plant & Machineries for various chemical industries


And many more depending on the customer’s need…

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